Here in half lotus

Eyes closed, sitting in half lotus (my knees don’t bend like they used to) hands clasped in dhyana. I want to be meditating. Instead I am trying to calm my heart the F down! It’s beating so hard. Medically that can’t be good. I already know that my chronic anxiety has altered my body’s stress response. Yay!

Any other day my yoga and meditation practice are one the highlights of my day. I always feel better afterwards. Today I should have known better. I know why I’m feeling this. It’s a stupid reason as usual.


Fast forward a day. I’m in a new city. I have new stressful situations to deal with. And zero anxiety. As is usual in my life nothing goes as planned, but today I’m good!


Oh anxiety you complicated bitch. You just can’t let us in on even one of your secrets can you?

Any other day I would poke and prod for an answer, but today, I’m enjoying an anxiety free day in rainy NYC.

I’ll love you New York for giving me peace for a few days along with all the other cool stuff you have.

And yes I did buy a hoodie that says so 🙂

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