I’m still in here

Here I am. Again. Feeling called to write. But about what?


I’m not sure what I would say. Do I have anything to say?

I stopped talking so much. For that exact reason. I try to keep my social media presence to a minimum for that exact reason. I don’t want to speak if I have nothing of value to say. I don’t want to be another page full of quotes and memes.

Perhaps I’ll use this space to journal. I feel called to do that too. Changes in me and my life. Ideas I have. Feelings.

I should probably write stuff that down.

I’ll think some more on it. Dream on it. The dreams have been very random and real lately. A side effect? Or a sign? It’s something to write about anyway.

I will say that I’m really good lately. My black cloud has cleared away. My sadness gone. The weight of my world has lifted. I didn’t realize how much I was holding onto. I feel free. Finally.

It was a long road. And it was not easy. And I still work on it everyday. But damn it feels good not to feel like shit everyday.

And with that I will bid myself good night. Because getting enough sleep is a major contributor to my well being.


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