She’s crafty

It’s Saturday evening. I’m finally sitting/laying down after a day that started at 3am.

As I write this I have my first ever bone broth simmering. My tiny basement suite smells like healing. Reminds me of my mom and our country home.

I’ve been doing a lot of ‘homemaking’ things lately. I’m not sure why. I tell myself that I’m preparing for my future alone in my cabin in the woods.

That or the apocalypse that I’m pretty sure we are headed for.

Either way I’m going to be prepared to survive.

I’ve also been thinking about writing more. Definitely more here, but also sharing what I’m learning about my newest love.


I’ve been called to study and work with plants for a few years now, but I always ignored the pull. Until now.

Now I’m reading, researching, foraging and using plants for many things. I’ve even started making my own skin care.

Lavender honey lip balm

I may also be addicted to acquiring herbs. My apothecary grows a little each week.

Did you know you can use rose petals to make tea? They are delicious!

Today I used some of the mushrooms I foraged for the broth I’m making. And tomorrow I’m straining the fire cider I made a month ago.

These are the things that make me smile lately.

My life may be pretty mundane lately, but I’m finding and making magic when and where I can.

Beautiful simplicity.

Talk soon,


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