It all happened so suddenly
A windstorm of magic
That threw open the doors and windows to my world
I had never seen the sun shine so brightly
Or the moon beam on me so lovingly
Even the rain I adore tasted sweeter
Now, in its wake, fallen leaves that crunch beneath my feet
Tiny twinkles of light that dance on drying puddles
A dying wind
And I wonder…where did my magic go


I’ve never wanted easy. In my life or in my men. I’ve never wanted worship or fawning. Gifts? How trite.

I prefer questions and conversations.

Heartfelt words written and delivered during the dead of night.

Capture my image. Show me what you see.

Sing to me.

And if all these fail you, speak to me in body language.

Now you see me

The back of a hand after speaking up

The weight of a body after saying no

Life breath taken as fingers close around a throat

The prick of a pin

A love of heroine

A mad mind

Close to suicide

A decade of life

She lives

You should see her now

More words

I’m talking

But there is no one to hear me

I empty my soul into an empty room

The walls keep my secrets

Silently screaming


These thoughts are deafening

Surely someone


Please listen to me